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Trey Hawkins

Trey Rashad Hawkins is a sophomore from Birmingham, Alabama majoring in Applied Mathematics & Pre-Medical Studies at Howard University. Being that he has high aspirations to one day enter the medical field, Trey seizes every opportunity that will further support his path to that destination. Just last summer, Trey shadowed doctors at the Columbia University Medical Center and studied accelerated pre-medical courses through the College of Physicians & Surgeons. Trey conducts undergraduate research in the Department of Physics & Astronomy at his school, where he is testing off-the-shelf satellite components that may be used for low-cost NASA missions. In addition, he’s currently working on an abstract for his upcoming research project in Cape Town, South Africa, sponsored by a grant from the National Science Foundation. Outside of his rigorous coursework, Trey is also an avid lover of the arts. He jointly studies classical flute performance and hopes to one day become a part-time orchestral musician.

This fellowship will offer an aspect that Trey doesn’t typically get from his classroom setting: the opportunity to learn how to effectively communicate interculturally and become a stronger leader. Trey plans to use these skills to one day break down the doctor-patient wall in underserved communities and build strong relationships and a foundation of trust with all of his patients.