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Tomekia Simeon

Tomekia Simeon is a passionate Assistant Professor of Chemistry, as well as a K-12 and higher education STEM advocate. Tomekia received her bachelor’s degree in Chemistry at Tougaloo College before earning her a Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry from Jackson State University (JSU) Master’s-to-Ph.D. Bridge Program. During her doctoral studies, she interned at NASA, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories and with the 1985 Nobel Laureate in Chemistry, Jerome Karle, at the Office of Naval Research. After receiving her doctorate she aspired to continue her studies in computational chemistry by working with the pioneers in quantum chemistry at Northwestern University.

Before her current role, she served as the STEM Specialist for Student Center for Science Engagement (SCSE) at Northeastern Illinois University (NEIU) whereas her duties included advising and mentoring students in STEM concerning their resumes, personal statements, interviewing preparation and internships. Building on her experiences from NEIU, now at Dillard University located in New Orleans, LA, Tomekia has initiated Peer-Led Team Learning (PLTL) in the Department of Chemistry and building her research program for undergraduates in additive manufacturing for spacecraft exploration.