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New Book on the Power of Historically Black Colleges and Universities


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New Brunswick, N.J., January 23, 2024Rutgers Center for Minority Serving Institutions (CMSI) Executive Director Marybeth Gasman and Senior Research Associate Levon T. Esters are proud to release a new book examining the role Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) play in empowering Black students, fostering economic development, building community, and mentoring leaders and activists. HBCU: The Power of Historically Black Colleges and Universities, published by Johns Hopkins University Press, is available now.

HBCUs play a pivotal role in promoting social and economic mobility for African Americans and in mentoring the next generation of Black leaders. In HBCU, Gasman and Esters explore the remarkable impact and contributions of these significant institutions.

“Black colleges are at the core of Black student success,” shared Marybeth Gasman, co-author of HBCU and Samuel D. Proctor Endowed Chair & Distinguished Professor. "HBCUs provide learning and social environments for students that empower and nurture.” 

Through inspiring personal stories and extensive research, Gasman and Esters showcase how HBCUs have mentored generations of leaders and scholars, fostering a collaborative culture of success and empowerment. These schools shape and propel Black students into leadership and intellectual roles where they have a major impact on medicine, literature, law, higher education, art, sports, and business.

HBCUs also have a profound impact on local communities and economic development that extends far beyond the classroom. This book sheds light on the unique cultures and identities nurtured within HBCUs while emphasizing the importance of philanthropic support and alumni engagement in maintaining these important institutions. 

Despite their positive contributions to society, some HBCUs face challenges such as securing adequate funding, small endowments, and accreditation woes. Gasman and Esters sound a compelling call to action and outline practical steps for sustaining HBCUs' invaluable legacy.

“We collectively need to be thinking about the power of HBCUs,” emphasized Levon T. Esters, co-author of HBCU and CMSI Senior Research Associate. “We just saw the biggest donation to an HBCU ever with Spelman College. We hope this book can encourage others to do the same for other Black colleges.” 

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Tuesday, January 23, 2024
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