Rutgers GSE CMSI

Neil Hwang

Neil Hwang was born and raised in South Korea, and migrated to the United States in high school. He spent a few years in the U.S. Army, including a deployment to Iraq in early 2000s, and went back to school to study business and math. After school, Neil went to Wall Street to work in the corporate sector for about 10 years in investment banking and management consulting. During this period, he started teaching part-time at local colleges on weekends. What started out as merely something to do to on Saturdays just to get his mind off from work became something he started to excitedly look forward to throughout the week. Finally, in the spring of last year, he was ecstatic to receive a full-time offer to teach accounting at Bronx Community College, where he is constantly amazed at the humility, genuineness, and kindness of the students he has the pleasure to interact with.