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Levon T. Esters

Senior Research Associate (by courtesy)

Levon T. Esters is the inaugural Associate Dean of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion and Faculty Affairs at Purdue University. He is also a Professor in the Department Agricultural Sciences Education and Communication. Levon also serves as Director of the Mentoring@Purdue (M@P) program, which is designed to increase the representation of students from marginalized and minoritized backgrounds receiving advanced post-secondary STEM-based agricultural and life sciences degrees in Purdue’s College of Agriculture. Levon is a nationally recognized scholar on mentoring, equity, and diversity in the STEM-based agricultural and life sciences disciplines. Levon’s research focuses on issues of educational equity and access of marginalized and minoritized students with a concentration on the mentoring needs of Black graduate students; STEM career development of students attending Historically Black Land-grant Colleges and Universities; and educational and professional mobility and development of Black graduate students and faculty. Levon is among a few Black scholars in the United States conducting research in these areas, and has been able to serve as a role model for Black graduate students who are committed to broadening participation of marginalized and minoritized students in the Ag+STEM disciplines.