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Kimberly A. White-Smith

Kimberly A. White-Smith is Professor and Dean of the University of La Verne’s LaFetra College of Education (LFCE), which houses more than $10 million in grants and donor monies to create innovative programing and scholarships for students. With more than 20 years of experience in Urban Education and Teacher Development, she is the intellectual force behind several scholarly endeavors that foster academic justice for traditionally underserved students through enhanced educational environments, policies, and teaching strategies. She has authored articles books and book chapters on diversity, inclusivity, and leadership, such as, “That’s why I say stay in school”: Black Mothers’ Parental Involvement, Cultural Wealth and Exclusion in their Sons Schooling and “Just as bad as prisons”: The challenge of dismantling the school-to-prison pipeline through teacher and community education, co-authored with Quaylan Allen in Urban Education and Equity and Excellence in Education. Her current book co-authored by Hayes, Fashing-Varner & Eisworth, is Through the fire: From intake to credential teacher candidates share their experiences through narrative. It explores how teacher educators can better prepare teachers against a backdrop of historical schooling inequalities.