Rutgers GSE CMSI

Kemuel Benyehudah

Kemuel Benyehudah is a Visiting Scholar and Research Associate at the Rutgers Center for Minority Serving Institutions. He is originally from Brooklyn, New York and graduated from Hunter College with a bachelor’s degree in sociology and minor in studio. After graduation, he worked with the United Nations High Commission for Refugees in Sydney, Australia as an advocate for refugees. Inspired by his advocacy with the United Nations and prior service with Americorps, Kemuel began working as a college access coordinator at Children’s Village in 2009. Kemuel’s work as a college access coordinator from 2009-2013 motivated him to pursue a graduate degree in higher education at the University of Pennsylvania.

Kemuel earned a master's degree in literacy & higher education from the University of Pennsylvania in 2017. Kemuel worked as a Research Associate with Alice Ginsberg evaluating a STEM program for H.S. minority students at the Mutter Museum. He is a freelance writer with ArtBlog, an arts publication based in Philadelphia. He is also a VACE Fellow with the Silver Eye Center for Photography based in Pittsburgh. Kemuel’s research interests intersect activism, curation, and college-affiliated museums.