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Joanna L. Jenkins

Visual culture and creative direction by trade, Joanna is experienced within branding, strategic communications, and engagement. She has led creative and entrepreneurial ventures while working with notable clients and agencies including Calvin Klein, Topps Inc., Verizon, How Sweet The Sound, The U.S. Census/ Draft, and GlobalHue. Joanna has created integrated campaigns in diverse media ranging from television, print, and radio to interactive, guerilla and social. Joanna is skilled as a strategist, creative/art director, and designer and works as an educator, administrator and consultant in strategic communications. Joanna’s work encompasses professional development, diversity, and inclusion, technology and ethics. Her research explores convergence, strategic communications, branding, culture and generational cohorts. Some of her publications include (AAF) American Advertising Federation white papers on Millennial Perspectives on Diversity and Multiculturalism, Brands and Youth Engagement, explorations of Millennials, Boomers, and Multi-Generational Relationships, her peer-reviewed book The Convergence Crisis, and chapters on representations of Black Women in Advertising in Black Women and Popular Culture: An Anthology and “Black Women and Advertising Ethics: A Womanist Perspective” in Feminisms in Advertising. Some of her recent projects include an edited volume in collaboration: Insecure, Awkward, and Winning: Intersectionality of Race, Gender, and Sexuality in the Works of Issa Rae, They say they are ready: Closing Gaps in Millennial preparedness and Ted Talk.

Joanna is an engaging speaker, moderator, and panelist for conversations and perspectives on convergence, strategic/visual communications, strategy, culture and diversity and inclusion. She has contributed to content creation, and curation for research forums, publications, panels, and training sessions; including professional trade organizations, universities, media organizations, the federal government, and private industry.

Joanna is currently an Associate Dean of Professional Studies, Continuing Education and Graduate Studies at Moore College of Art and Design, a women serving institution, formerly Strategic Communication Coordinator, Executive Director of CapComm Lab, and Assistant Professor in the Cathy Hughes School of Communication. Joanna has previously taught at Howard University, American University, Bowie State University, and vocational institutes. She has taught and developed a range of courses including campaigns, copywriting and design, research and marketing, media psychology, media ethics, visual culture, computer software, and graphic design history.