Rutgers GSE CMSI

David Ortiz

David Ortiz was born in Medellin, Colombia and emigrated with his mother to the U.S at the early age of seven. After graduating high school, he spent four introspective years reading, learning on his own, and teaching himself how to play the piano. With the passing of DACA in 2014, he was able to enroll into Broward College and from there on he has not looked back. Graduating with high honors and as the recipient of the 2016 honors discipline award in geography, he transferred to Florida International University to pursue a B.A. in Geography with a certificate in Social Science Research Methodology and a minor in Logistics. He believes the study of geography is a holistic, multidisciplinary field which integrates social, economic and environmental factors creating unique places, and also inequalities, on the Earth’s surface. His areas of study include food studies, supply chain mapping and urban affairs using Geographic Information Systems (GIS). As of 2018, he is a Teaching Assistant in FIU’s Department of Earth and the Environment helping students learn the art and science of GIS. If there are two qualities that he believes every individual ought to cultivate, they are empathy for others and an open mind.