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Dani Murillo

Dani Murillo is a senior at California State University, Northridge (CSUN) majoring in Sociology. Dani’s research interests include gender and sexuality, queer interpersonal relationships, queer love, queer kinship, arts-based research, and mixed-methods. Dani’s current research uses narrative research and photovoice methodology to capture the lived experiences of millennial HIV+ Latino gay men and how they experience love, dating, courtship, sex, kinship, and relationships with other gay men. More specifically, Dani hopes to contribute to the literature on HIV+ gay men of color and how they navigate their queer relationships by highlighting the implications of queer love as a source of resilience and empowerment for these young men in their daily lives. Dani is the recipient of the Jerry Schutte Award for Excellence in Research Methods & Statistics for his dedication to social science research and his mentorship techniques. As a research assistant, Dani is currently working on a mixed-methods (qualitative) study that examines how gender non-conforming individuals communicate their sexual pleasure to sexual partners.