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Bryan Kent Wallace

Bryan K. Wallace is a faculty member and Director of Physics Laboratories at Fisk University. Wallace is currently Primary Investigator for Fisk University’s Rocket Science Program, entitled Altitude Achievement Missile Team (F.A.A.M.T). This program was built from scratch to compete in a NASA competition known as University Student Launch Initiative (USLI), wherein the students design, build, launch and recover a sounding rocket carrying a scientific payload, which must achieve an altitude of exactly one mile. In its first year of this competition, Fisk University Placed 4th overall, and Placed 2nd, in reaching the one mile target altitude. Wallace engages in extensive work pipelining university students in to Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) careers as well as engaging in mentoring programs aimed at building self-efficacy in under-represented populations in K-12. The goal of these efforts is to encouraging them to become full participants in their STEM curriculum and eventually go into STEM related careers.