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Anahi Ponce

Anahi Ponce is a student at The University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP) pursuing a B.A. in English and American Literature with a minor in Public Administration. Anahi is not only a dedicated student, but she is committed to her work as an advocate for social justice. She has previously been involved in efforts to promote civic engagement amongst the Latinx community in Texas and has worked to register Latinx youth to vote. Her efforts in doing so were consequently highlighted in online articles by both Remezcla and NPR’s Latino USA. Anahi also serves as the Deputy Director of Marketing for the El Paso County Democratic Party, and on the UTEP campus, she is the Vice President of the Liberal Arts Honors Program. In early 2019, Anahi created Chicas De Chuco, a community organization committed to providing resources for El Paso women interested in careers in politics and activism. In doing so she has been able to organize panels with local leaders, and events for El Paso women. Anahi’s research is focused in examining Chicanx Literature and activism, as she intends to continue her research in this field upon entry into graduate school. In addition to joining the professoriate, Anahi plans to run for a public office in the future.