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Amber M. Gonzalez

Amber M. Gonzalez is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Child Development at California State University Sacramento—an AANAPISI and an HSI. Her teaching focuses on Cross-Cultural Development and Qualitative and Quantitative Research Methods for undergraduate and graduate students. Her research examines how institutional characteristics influence academic, professional, and personal outcomes for Latina/o students through (or across) the P20 educational pipeline. More specifically, her research explores how Latina/o students develop their aspirations and expectations to pursue graduate education. Beyond research and teaching, Amber actively engages in supporting Latina/o students’ aspirations to pursue graduate education. She has developed and implemented a workshop series to demystify graduate school and the application process for those Latina/o students pursuing that path. Amber holds an associate of arts degree from Fullerton College and a bachelor’s degree from California State University Fullerton. She earned her M.A. and Ph.D. in Child and Adolescent Development from the University of California Santa Barbara.