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Aden Coleman

Aden Simone Coleman is from Prince George’s County, Maryland. She is a junior and currently pursuing her bachelor’s degree majoring in Business with a concentration in Marketing at the Illustrious Morgan State University, located in the inner city of East Baltimore, MD. Marketing is the balance of art and science that analyzes how people interact with products and messaging. The art is the packaging of the messages and channel selection; the science is understanding buyer behavior over time and the results of testing. It is the beauty of mastering that balance, with all of its moving parts, that draws her to pursue a career in Marketing. Upon graduation, she plans to work as a marketing manager at a tech company and eventually work full time running her own successful business as an entrepreneur and traveling the world speaking, teaching and sharing her knowledge. Aden first learned that she had a passion for business and marketing after competing and winning against 24 teams in a Leaders of Tomorrow National MBA Association Harvard-level business case competition where she represented the Washington D.C. Chapter as she analyzed Whole Foods. She was even elected 2017 President/CEO of her chapter and was chosen to represent them at the LeaderTech Tour in Silicon Valley where she was immersed in technology-based corporate environments like Facebook and Google. During her sophomore year in college, she was one of the four international students and one of the two students from the U.S accepted into the Simon Nehme Entrepreneurship summer school (first cohort) based in Ottawa, Canada. After the teams tested and designed a new startup, her team won first place in the school’s pitch competition. Since her return from Canada, her love for entrepreneurship has grown excessively and she is now a budding entrepreneur working on her first business venture. She believes the MEPE fellowship will be very beneficial to her knowledge about entrepreneurship and startups and she is honored to be a MEPE fellow.